River Endrick

The most successful anglers, are those who are able to be on the water when the river has risen and is starting to fall. During these conditions the river can be prolific and produces fish to complete beginners.

Both Salmon and Sea Trout are taken when the river is falling and clearing after a spate. Night fishing is more successful for Sea Trout after a spate. Fly maggot is allowed, but many anglers prefer to fish the fly without maggots. The Endrick is one of the few rivers where you can catch the ‘magic moment‘ twice over (a time when the fish take particularly well).

The upper reaches at Fintry down to Coolies Lynn are the first to clear, but it can take a full day before the lower reaches below the Pots of Gartness start to clear, hence the two magic moments in one spate. You could, of course, do the treble and fish the other spate river, The Fruin, it usually clears before the Endrick.

The River Endrick is well looked after, every season the overhanging trees are inspected and trimmed when necessary by the River Endrick Working Group, a team of volunteers who try to improve the fishings on the river. As the River Endrick is the prime spawning river of the Lomond system, all anglers are expected to show great restraint and return all coloured fish to the river to ensure sport for future years.

Printable map of the upper Endrick
Printable map of the lower Endrick

Map of L.L.A.I.A. fishings on the River Endrick

We have created an interactive map of the River Endrick on Google maps. Simply click on one of the points of interest to see tips on various pools, access to the river and even where to park your car.

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