Angling map of Loch Lomond

A superb colour angling map of Loch Lomond

A superb colour angling map of Loch Lomond!This map is now available through the L.L.A.I.A. secretaries. The cost is £10.00 for the normal Angling Map, which includes postage.

This map is the only colour angling map ever likely to be needed for those who fish Loch Lomond either for game or coarse species.

The Coarse section was done by well-known pike experts with input from other leading experts in coarse fish. All the well-known hot spots for pike and other less known parts that produce great pike are all listed.

The game section was done by current salmon and sea trout experts who regularly fish Lomond and includes a wealth of valuable information old and new. Dapping is also covered as well as extensive fly and trolling areas.

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