Members should note that the Wild Fishery Review Team have published a further consultation document in relation to fishery reform in Scotland. This document contains a number of proposals and seeks the views of anglers and indeed all other interested parties on the future direction of travel with respect to fishery management in Scotland. It can be accessed at:

While some members may be uninterested in yet another consultation document this piece of work is perhaps the most important yet from a long term perspective as it articulates a range of options with regards to the future management structure of Scottish fisheries. It is also vitally important to note that within the consultation document it is clear that the government will legislate in respect of all fish species and not just salmon and sea trout.

Having read the proposed Bill it is clear that the emphasis would now appear to be around the introduction of 12 – 18 Fishery Management Areas (FMAs). These areas will be designated by Government but crucially it would appear that at this time FMOs will not be imposed in each area, instead application will be sought from a ‘person’ (not being an individual) to form an FMO within the FMA.

We have been informed that in the initial period of transition there could conceivably be more than one FMO in any given FMA and it is also possible that FMA boundaries could change to take account of decisions to merge FMO’s that may exist in different FMA’s. Quite frankly nothing is set in stone at this time and members should be aware that there is nothing at this stage to preclude the formation of Lomond only FMO even if we are part of a larger FMA.

Members are therefore asked to consider the consultation document carefully and to make their views known to the committee in good time prior to the conclusion of the consultation exercise and in any case by 15 April 2016.

LLAIA Committee