Clyde Estuary

The Clyde Estuary, Gareloch and Kilcreggan Peninsula

The L.L.A.I.A. has the fishing on the Estuary and the best parts of the Gareloch and Kilcreggan peninsular. These fishings were procured to ensure that the L.L.A.I.A. owned the netting rights and because of this there is no legal netting conducted on our estuary. However this also provides our members with true salt water fishing for Sea Trout.

Fishing is by all legal rod and line methods and normally anglers work down the shore line, spinning or bait fishing, while certain parts provide excellent salt water fly fishing. A few members take their boats down to the estuary during early season and troll along the shoreline much in the same way as they would do on Loch Lomond. Salt water Sea Trout fishing has increased in popularity over the past few years and catches have increased as anglers learn the water.

Printable Map of the Clyde Estuary