News Byte – Mini Catch Report – 23rd May 2024

The numbers of reported fish coming of the Leven have been ‘steady’, the lower temperatures and heavy rain this week ought to provide an improvement in conditions and water.

On Thursday 2nd May Reports were received of a 10-12lb fish landed at “Ritchie’s Lade” by Leven angler Jonathon Boyle. The fish was netted by our very own Chic MacLean, congratulations  and well done Jonathon.

In early May seasoned leven angler Gavin Lees unfortunately lost a ‘good fish’ after a good tussle at the pipes below “Bonhill pool“, unlucky Gavin.

On Saturday 11th May Leven angler Craig McKerry got his season off to a great start by successfully hooking and landing a lovely fish straight off the tide on a small cascade at the bottom of the ‘street run“. Congratulations and well done Craig.

Also on Saturday 11th Leven angler Robert Leitch successfully hooked and landed another lovely fresh fish of 12-13lb (estimated) once more at ‘Ritchie’s Lade“, congratulations and well done Robert.

On Saturday 18th May we received reports that season Leven angler Chic MacLean landed a fine fish on the fly of around 14-15lb at the “Manager’s” area of the river. Congratulations and well done Chic.

Leven angler William Ward landed a nice Salmon of 11bs at the “Double Pipes” on the worm on Wednesday 22nd May, the fish was safely released. congratulations and well done William.

Loch Lomond

Reports of Salmon from the Loch have so far proven to be elusive, a situation that hopefully will be remedied during the next week or so.

Sea Trout catches on the Loch have continued to be numerous with some notable numbers and quality of Sea Trout being landed during recent weeks.

Season Loch angler John East reported a good day on 1st May

John East; “Had a great day today,all in had 4 pike and 4 sea trout/7lb ,4.5lbs ,2.5lbs and a 2lb”

Loch angler Ritchie Millar landed this lovely ‘trout’ Sea Trout of 6lb 2oz on Monday 6th May caught deep at 40ft. Congratulations and well done Ritchie.

Loch angler Jim Day successfully hooked this lovely Sea Trout off Balmaha on Monday 13th May. Originally reported as a Grilse this would  appear nevertheless to be a fine Sea Trout, congratulations and well done Jim.


Clyde Estuary

Catches on the Estuary have continued to provide great sport and some good quality Sea Trout. Full member Peter Roy successfully landed a fine Sea Trout  of 7.5lb on the fly on Monday 20th May at a well known Estuary mark. Congratulations and well done Peter.

Daniel Craig landed a lovely wee Sea Trout on the Estuary during a recent outing on 11th May. Congratulations and well done Daniel.

On the 16th May angler Gary Mclellan published the capture of an unusual species from the Clyde Estuary – a Tiger Trout! Presumably an escapee from a fishery.

Coarse Fishing on Lomond

Daniel Gheorghe :

Following the scorching heat last Saturday 11th May, I decided to go with my good mate Maxime Machard (Max) on a pike fly fishing trip on the loch. The day started slow, it was sunny and calm but the water was still reasonably cold, approximately 14-15 degrees. We had a few small ones and short bites but nothing consistent.

Later in the afternoon, we get to a shallow spot with weeds, and we notice the roach speeding through them to get to their spawning grounds. We knew it was a good spot, we started getting more bites and Max manages to land a 1 meter pike on a roach fly imitation. He was really happy to catch such a stunning fish and thought that was it, but the day was far from over for him.

This was the first fish (100cm and approx 16lb

Around 3pm, we see a storm coming in the distance. The skies get dark and a gusty wind picks up out of nowhere. The water turned black with dead weeds rumbled by the gusts. Max puts on a big ugly black fly and casts across the wind and over the weedbed. Right when his fly got close to the boat – baaaamm, huge head opens its mouth and swallows his fly. For the first few seconds he didn’t realise it was hooked, it stayed still like a log, and then, the hell broke loose. The pike started running through the weeds. It started from near the boat and stripped the full length of this fly line and well into the backing. After 4 epic runs, she came towards the boat and I managed to slide the net right in from of her. She was finally in! We couldn’t believe it. What an absolute monster we both shouted! The storm started with lightning in the distance. We laid her on the mat and noticed, it’s too short! The mat is (only) 130cm long so we just had to estimate that the tail was an extra 2cm, giving a total length of 132cm of pure muscle packed wild water pike. I don’t normally weigh the fish but this one seemed to be worth taking the scales out. 😊 It read 36.5lb – the net (3lb) = 33.5lb

With these specs, it is the heaviest and longest fish that has ever been on my boat. An absolute stunning fish! Congrats Max! and I hope your line burns heal soon but not without leaving a scar to remember this, possible, fish of a lifetime! As for myself, I am back on the market searching for a longer mat! 😃


Tight lines everyone and remember to share your catches, tales and adventures at