On Friday 6 February the Scottish Government published a further consultation document relating to salmon fishing.  This document seeks the views of interested parties in relation to a number of points that directly impact on the Association and our members.  These include the following:

  • Requesting opinion on the type of angling methods that should be used when salmon fishing in future
  • Requesting opinion on carcass tagging of salmon
  • Requesting opinion on the introduction of a mandatory licence to kill salmon


Given the controversial nature of some of these proposals we would welcome the opinion of members on the proposals contained within this document to allow us to formulate a response to the Scottish Government.  As the deadline for the consultation is 30 April all responses should be with the Secretary by 15 April.

To date the Committee have not received a single response in respect of the Wild Fisheries Review which we find both surprising and concerning in equal measure.  Given the potential for change contained within the Review we again request that members provide us with their views on not just the current consultation document but on the 53 recommendations contained within the Wild Fisheries Review document in order that we can formulate a balanced response from the Association.

It is the intention of the Committee to address some of the more controversial issues contained within both the Review and the consultation documents in a ballot of members in the near future.  We will provide more information on this within the coming weeks.

The Committee.