River Leven.

Still fish coming off the Leven, but not in any great numbers. However, with the warm bright spell at the beginning of the week there weren’t many fishing. The gates have been open all week but with the Loch level falling it’s unlikely that we will get to the end of next week with high water.

Graham Dunsmore 10.08.16

10th August, Graham Dunsmore landed this fresh salmon (10lbs) at the Street Run on an Ally’s Shrimp.

Gordon Mackenzie 13.08.16

13th August, Gordon Mackenzie with a small grilse (3lbs) also caught at the Street Run.

John Boyd 19.08.16

19th August, John Boyd with a fine sea trout estimated at 7lbs from the Bonhill Pool on a shrimp type fly.

19th August, LLAIA Chairman Malky MacCormick has a few hours on the riverbanks …

Malky 19.08.16

4lb grilse …..

Malky2 19.08.16

…and a 3lb sea trout. Doesn’t tell us where or what he caught them on…but he never does!

Other Catch Reports: 10th August, Peter Wormald (5lbs) brown trout at the Blue Bridge. 15th August, Peter Wormald (4lbs) grilse, Bonhill Bridge.

3lb 13oz Aug15 2016

15th August, Graham Dunsmore reports…

‘A fine sea trout this afternoon in the estuary – 3lb 13oz. Fantastic fight…. thought it was double figures until I eventually got it near the net. Huge screaming runs into the backing, my old rimfly got its hairiest workout ever….!

River Leven Clean Up.


Another year and another clean up. Held over the weekend 6th-7th August, there were 19 volunteers on the Saturday and a further dozen on the Sunday.


The river bed was cleared up to the Vale of Leven Academy. There is no doubt that the work over the last 4 years has made a difference.  However, it took a lot more effort on the far side of the Bucks which had never been touched.



In total, 2 boats, 1 safe, 1 car bonnet, 1 type writer, 1 computer, a set of golf clubs, numerous bikes, trolleys, traffic cones, temporary fencing, carpets, jackets, trousers, underlay, folding chairs, prams, scooters and more scrap metal than you could shake a stick at….

Loch Lomond.


Not heard of much news from the Loch recently. Some small grilse turning up on the troll down the bottom end, while northern shores remain quiet.

16th August, New member Craig Williamson had an unfortunate experience…

‘I’m a new member this season and been on the Loch 5 or 6 times on the troll. Anyway, not long got my own boat up and running and today around 6pm I learned a valuable lesson…. don’t buy cheap plastic rod holders! Got a great take on inside rod past the Fruin heading up towards the golf course. Heard the reel go then snap!!! the rod holder went. Turned back just in time to see the big splash behind the boat.  The rod thankfully somehow got stuck on the transom and outboard. I got hold of the rod and lifted into the fish but it was off and at same time came jumping back out the water for a second time. Salmon of 10-15lb. Sore one to take but lesson learned.

Could you guys point me in the correct direction of someone I could buy good strong rod holders from? I always thought the best ones were homemade but if you know where I could pick a couple up that would be great’

If anyone can help, please get in touch and we’ll pass on to Craig.

River Endrick.

As we all know, just like any spate river, fishing the Endrick is all about timing…… but we must also consider our choice of flies…..

John Bell 06.08.16

6th August, John Bell decided to try something different in low water conditions….a size 16 nymph……resulting in a (4lbs) grilse.


17th August, even with the low water and hot, bright conditions, Endrick regular Colin Ferguson manages to attract a fish… (5lbs) grilse…….on a nymph Colin?

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