The LLAIA is required to submit the Lomond System annual catch return to Marine Scotland by 31 December, less than a fortnight away. Our returns team have put in considerable effort this year reviewing our systems and reminding members and associate members of their requirement to provide. Every member has now been contacted either by email or letter and additional return forms have been sent out where necessary. Letters and forms have also been posted out to River Leven associate members.

We have now received forms from 72.2% of our membership but that still leaves 125 members who haven’t made a return.

The high percentage of returns has certainly boosted our figures, which so far look very promising. When finalised these will be published in our annual report. This year’s return will be used by Marine Scotland in assessing our Conservation Category status for season 2019, so every fish counts…

Unfortunately the online ‘Catch Register’ had an attack of gremlins and even though it acknowledged ‘Nil Returns’ made by members, these weren’t recorded. Members were advised and forms submitted.

So if you’ve still to record your return please forward ASAP. These are required from all members and must be submitted, even if declaring a ‘Nil Return’. While we don’t want to inconvenience our anglers, late submission may delay the renewal of your membership.

Merry Christmas and a Good New Year to all when it comes.