We normally like to report on good news stories but unfortunately the following incident has come to light which we feel everyone should be aware of.

Last week one of our members, accompanied by his dog, landed on Clairinch for a lunch break. During the stay the dog picked up and ate a piece of discarded mackerel dead bait. A couple of days later the animal appeared in a very distressed state and the owner attended at his vet. Examinations showed that treble hooks, which had obviously been left attached to the mackerel, had become lodged in the dog’s stomach, causing serious damage to its intestines. The injuries were so severe that the animal had to be put to sleep.

This is indeed a very tragic story and our sympathies lie with the dog’s owner. The suffering inflicted on this animal are due to the actions of an angler who had no consideration for the likely consequences of his reckless actions. Had it not been the dog that picked up the dead bait it may well have been a bird or other wildlife left to   suffer in the same way. To leave hooks still within a discarded bait is culpable and downright dangerous.

We ask all anglers everywhere to be mindful of how you dispose of  your unwanted bait or tackle and advise that in the first instance take it home with you.


LLAIA Committee