‘Our members will be aware that in May 2017 the LLAIA were expelled from the board of the LLFT without reason. (Committee’s Blog 18 June 2017) Since then we have been working with the main riparian owners Luss, Montrose and Glenfalloch Estates towards reconciliation. Until that is achieved the LLAIA have no say or influence in the running of the LLFT.’

‘I am aware that there are incorrect rumours beginning to circulate with regard to the reforming  of the LLFT and wish to explain the current position.’

‘I believe that the LLFT and the Lomond Fisheries Riparian Owners Group (LFROG) are due to hold their AGM later this month and that a completely new Chairman and Board of directors will be appointed. I hope thereafter that the expulsion of the LLAIA will be overturned and the Association is invited to return. When the new LLFT board is in place, complete with LLAIA directors, future business models will be examined to ensure the most effective management of the Trust. As soon as there is any further news on this I will provide an update.’


Jim Raeburn

Chairman LLAIA