The cut off date for members to submit their annual catch return was 30 November. Many thanks to those who have sent these in already, however more than 170 members have still to submit. This shows distinct apathy on the part of some. This year’s return will a form part of the data used by Marine Scotland to assess our Conservation Category for season 2020 so it is imperative that very salmon caught on our system is recorded. Nil Returns are also required.

At present the LLAIA Constitution states:

5(b)  Association full members who do not submit a catch return 30 days after the end of the season, i.e. 30 November, may be charged an administration fee on top of the annual membership subscription in the following season, if deemed appropriate by the committee.

This ‘annual problem’ is clearly unacceptable and at this week’s committee meeting an appropriate fee will be decided and also what further action can be taken. The Association have a legal obligation to forward our membership’s returns to Marine Scotland and can be fined for failure.

The problem of non submission was discussed at the past two AGM’s. There has been plenty of publicity on the issue and it was hoped that members would realise the importance. While we don’t wish to introduce a financial burden it seems to be going that way. Members renewing membership should also submit their return beforehand.

In the meantime the closing date will be extended by a further two weeks viz: Monday 17th December. The completed return and accompanying paperwork must be collated and transmitted to Marine Scotland by 31 December.

The Electronic Catch Register can be accessed through the LLAIA website homepage

Forms with return addressed envelopes have been sent out to all members. Additional forms are available at Voldac and O’Briens shop and can be deposited in the boxes within O’Briens or on the railings opposite Voldac.

We will send out further reminders by email and post but there’s a cost of course…

Last season we managed an 86% return rate. Still a good bit to go…..


Jim Raeburn