The Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust has announced that it has been awarded funding over the next 3 years from the Greggs Foundation and the Rivers Trust, Urban Rivers Regeneration Programme.

This money will be used to finance a variety of projects:

‘We will seek to reverse decades of neglect by improving the water quality and in-stream habitat of 5 streams in the Vale of Leven that flow into the River Leven as well as 2 that flow through Dumbarton.

Our aim is to improve the local environment in and around these watercourses with a key objective being to enhance juvenile fish stocks in all 7 streams.

Crucially we aim to obtain local community involvement which will provide a sustainable means to look after these streams in the long term. This will be achieved through a number of different initiatives including the delivery of a bespoke, environmental, Schools project and linking in with local community groups.

A further project strand will be based on delivering summer holiday angling and environmental opportunities for young people.

The Trust also hopes to tackle the spread of invasive non-native plant species along the course of the River Leven, as well as looking at how we can effectively deal with litter, bankside dumping and other forms of pollution.

In addition, we will look at regenerating 2 neglected paths on the lower east bank of the Leven to encourage active travel such as walking and off road cycling as well as provide improved access for anglers.

Finally, we aim to upgrade angler access to the River Leven, including, where possible, reinstating wheelchair platforms at appropriate locations.’

Charlie Frize the Trust chairman stated:

“I am absolutely delighted that the Trust has secured this award and I fervently believe that this is only the start when it comes to leveraging new funding to improve, not just the River Leven catchment, but the whole of the Lomond system.

The different project workstreams are geared towards improving the local environment, improving fish stocks and raising public awareness of the great resource that they have on their doorsteps and we can only deliver this with the help of local people.

We therefore view this project as very much community-based and we look forward to welcoming the people of Dumbarton and the Vale of Leven to help us tackle the issues that we know exist in and around the River Leven and its tributaries over the next 3 years.”