It has been two weeks since the last report with the week ending August 16th being relatively ‘quiet’ across the system in terms of ‘reported catches. This past week however have seen catches (reported) increase mainly within the river catchment areas rather than the Loch. Weather of course is an obvious factor here where the rivers such as the Endrick and Fruin responding favourably to the recent bouts of rainfall. The Leven appears to have retained a good height of around the 2m mark which would indicate favourable conditions during the past week or so,

With more fronts and squalls forecast for the coming week then this will hopefully provide some rises in heights once more for those who manage to time things correctly.

River Leven

On Tuesday 11th August Billy Quinn got things going by landing two fish. A silver bar of 10lb and a Grilse of 7lb on the fly at the “Double Pipes”, congratulations and well done Billy.

Billy Quinn 7lb sparkler one of two fish

Also on the 11th August experienced angler Alun Pryce landed a cracking salmon of 10lb at the “Top Pool” on a flying ‘c’, well done Alun and congratulations.

Alun Pryce 10lb Salmon “Top Pool”

Meantime on Monday 17th August Ricky Gill cane up trumps landing and safely returning a fine Grilse of 6lbs on the worm at “Mackinnons” , well done Ricky and congratulations. (no image available)

On the same day Robert Baxter also landed a Grilse of 5.5lb at the “Top Pool” again on the worm, congratulations and well done Robert.

Robert Baxter Grilse 5.5lb

River Leven Water Conditions

River Leven stats

Image above shows current temperature and water level of the River Leven at the Bonhill Pool, it also includes high and low tides at Bowling and water levels at Linbrane (©SEPA). For the latest water height information continue to check the LLAIA website at

Additionally the current water gauge level for the River Leven at Linbrane can be obtained from SEPA by following this link

Local information concerning tide tables can be found here

Loch Lomond

On Monday 10th August our very own Chairman Jim Raeburn landed a Grilse of 6lb at Culness which was safely returned, well done and congratulations Jim.

Jim Raeburn 6lb Grilse

Also on Monday the 10th August accomplished angler and author enjoyed success on the Loch in “challenging conditions” whilst fishing with John Bell. Stan successfully rose and landed this beautiful Lomond Sea Trout. Well done Stan and to John for finding the right drifts in a wide expanse.

Stan Headley pulling one out the bag – a sea trout of around 3lb

Last but not least Scot Sinclair (LLAIA Treasurer) landed and safely returned this lovely wee Lomond Sea Trout (2lb) on Wednesday 19th August.

Scott Sinclair Sea Trout 2lb

There have also been unconfirmed reports of a good fish lost at Rowerdennan on Tuesday 18th August possibly by a VOLDAC angler.

River Endrick

On Saturday 22nd August young Jamie Carruth landed his first Endrick Salmon in the form of a lovely wee Grilse of around 4lb at Cowdenmill on a Red Francis, the fish was safely released. Jamie is currently an intern with the LLFT, congratulations and well done Jamie.

Jamie Carruth Grilse 4lb

Also on Saturday 22nd August experienced Endrick regular Chris Turner landed a cracking Endrick Sea Trout of around 4-5lb and unfortunately dropped a salmon during the same session. Well done, congratulations and ‘unlucky’ Chris.

Chris Turner Sea Trout 4-5lb (est) Endrick

When both of the McCormick brothers are on the water you can normally be sure of at least one thing – action!  Accordingly Kevin McCormick landed a 1.5lb Sea Trout on the Upper Endrick on Saturday 22nd August.Well done and congratulations Kevin.

On another beat meantime Malcolm McCormick successfully landed a cracking pair of Sea Trout of 2.5lb and whilst unfortunately dropping another of around 2lb. Well done Malcolm and congratulations!

Malcolm McCormick Sea Trout 3.5lb

River Endrick Water Conditions

Current water conditions at the SEPA gauges (Gaidrew) on the Endrick can be found using the following link

River Fruin

Well know angler and writer Dick Dickson enjoyed a successful trip on the Fruin following recent spate conditions during the first week of August. Dick successfully landed and released two lively silver Grilse of around 5lb whilst fishing in difficult conditions. Well done Dick and congratulations.

Dick Dickson Grilse 5lb


The Estuary

Reports concerning the Estuary continue to be elusive, as we know this part of our system normally provides excellent action and good returns of Sea Trout and other species so we would urge all anglers and members to share their stories and successes with our readers, members and visitors please?


Reminder: Loch Lomond Fly Fishing Competition – Saturday 19th September 2020

Please note that the annual Loch Lomond Fly Fishing competition is currently scheduled for 19th September. With this event only weeks away please check our website or Facebook page for further details concerning registration, prizes and other arrangements for this fantastic event in the coming days.


With early Autumn storms and wet weather forecast for early in the week and also during the second part part of the week then it is likely that we will once more see some rise in levels as well as cooler Autumnal temperatures at the weekend.  As always getting the timing right for the Endrick and the Fruin in particular will be of key importance. The river Leven appeared to remain at or around 2m last week and with the gates down then levels are likely to remain good.

We actively encourage all anglers to  share your fishing tales, stories and photographs (coarse or game fishing) with us. In doing so we can recognise and share your successes with all of our members and visitors. Please therefore remember to send details of your tales, photographs, stories to us by email to

We wish everyone the best of luck in their fishing exploits and respectfully remind all anglers to observe best practice at all times in carefully netting, unhooking and releasing your prize fish and ask all anglers to always stay safe whilst on the banks or on the water. The image below helps to illustrate ‘best practice’ in handling and release of all fish.

Respect your fish