We would like to remind all anglers and members that permits must be carried at all times whilst fishing any LLAIA waters.

Already this season police officers have accompanied bailiffs on numerous patrols of the River Leven, Estuary and the Loch and these joint patrols will continue and increase during the season. Unfortunately not only has the correct action been taken against those found fishing with no permit, there has also been a small number of anglers who were found not to be carrying and therefore able to show their permit. These anglers could not demonstrate valid written permission to fish. In such cases the anglers had their fishing day upset by being sent from the water despite their objections.Being known to the bailiffs or having previously been asked to produce your permit does not exempt any angler from being asked to produce their permit by bailiffs or the Police at any time.

It is a requirement of the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act that persons must always be in possession of and carry their written permission (permit) at all times. No matter how many times anglers may have had their permit checked or are well known on the system, Police Officers may not have that same knowledge and as some have found out, no permit, no fishing”.

As Anglers we do remember to pack our rods, reels, flies etc etc to go fishing for the day therefore ensuring your permit is one of the first things to be looked out should be a priority in order to avoid the day being ruined.

Please take the necessary steps so that you do not find yourself in this position where you cannot always present your permit when asked to do so and therefore avoid your fishing being curtailed since no permit means no fishing.