Following postponement last season due to Covid-19 restrictions which have now been eased sufficiently and with with bird nesting season restrictions ending at the end of June we are pleased to announce the resumption of the normal clean up weekends that have traditionally been part of our calendar of routine activities each year. The date for a work party on the River Leven has been scheduled for the weekend of July 17th & 18th and given that such needed activities were not possible last season it is important that such work is successfully undertaken and supported by all committed members and anglers this year.

The arrangements are to meet at Bonhill Bridge Car Park at 09.30 on both days. As in previous years the plan will be to work from the top pool all the way downstream as far as we can get, the fitter people with chest waders will form a line across the river and manhandle all rubbish i.e scooter’s, bikes, traffic cones large tree limbs and all non natural rubbish out of the river onto the towpath which will then be collected regularly by one of our vans and box trailer and then dumped into large skip that has been organised with the Council and that will be placed at Bonhill Bridge.

Additionally there will be strimming tasks required to strim either side of entry/exit points and the ‘sensitive‘ trimming of any problematic overhanging branches or shrubs using appropriate tools and PPE supplied.

To make this event possible, in the interim period the LLAIA will be seeking the appropriate required permissions from the various land owners and liaising with Scottish Water to try to close the barrage gates as much as they can so we can access as much of the river as we safely can, consequently there will be no weekend water during this weekend.  Given that Covid-19 restrictions have been reduced but not completely removed then social distancing and other current guidelines require to be observed.

As in past years refreshments will be provided on both days. This is your system and river and consequently we look forward to seeing as many volunteers on either one or both days. A similar work party has been planned for early August on a section of the River Endrick, details to follow.