Marine Scotland have this morning published the results of the Conservation consultation and suggestion of 100% C&R being mandatory across the country.

The good news is they are not proceeding with this proposal and details are in the consultation report, also they confirmed that our system will once again be Cat2 for season 2023.

To read the reports and consultation submissions please follow links below.

Outstanding 2022 Catch Returns

Most concerningly in relation to 2022 Catch Return Forms then, at the time of posting this, there remains nearly 70 full members and 258 Leven season holders who for whatever reason have failed to submit a 2022 Catch Return Form. This is despite several communications, postal reminders,  considerable effort and costs  incurred to ensure that returns are provided. 

Thank you to all anglers and members who have already submitted their 2022 Catch Return Form.

If we don’t get catch returns in from everybody, especially full members then, with a current low fish capture on the Endrick once more, our 5 year average for the Endrick may well make the Endrick Cat 3 for season 2024 and because it’s a SAC river then means whole of the Leven and Lomond system will be mandatory C&R for 2024. 

Clearly it is in the hands of the anglers and members who have yet to submit a catch return , no catch return, no fish recorded, no fish recorded then Scot Gov make our system mandatory C&R.

We would therefore request that the above anglers and members take a few minutes to complete and submit a 2022 Catch Return as soon as possible in order to avoid a 100% C&R category for 2024.

Marine Scotland

Conservation of salmon – Outcome of Salmon fishing: proposed river gradings for 2023 season consultation

We sought views on the proposed river gradings for the 2023 salmon fishing season and on a regime to enhance catch and release rates to 100%, either through the use of voluntary or mandatory measures. The consultation opened on the 10 August and closed on 9 September 2022. The consultation has now concluded, with the outcome report available on Citizen Space.

The views given on the proposed river gradings have been used to inform the process of finalising the gradings for the 2023 fishing season, which will be used in the annual amendment to The Conservation of Salmon (Scotland) Regulations 2016.