Since informally ‘hearing’ of the first intention by the RSPB to apply for a licence to translocate beavers from Tayside to the RSPB Reserve on Loch Lomond the LLAIA has invested considerable time and effort to understand , make representation and provide detailed objections to this proposal given the, so far unproven, impact on migratory species such as atlantic salmon and sea trout.

Despite the objections of the association and other key stakeholders a recent decision to grant of a licence to translocate problematic beavers from Tayside to Loch Lomond has been granted by Nature Scot. The association is now considering what further steps can be taken in relation to this decision.

Please note the article published today by The Glasgow Herald following an interview with our Secretary Gareth Bourhill in which which some of the main objections and concerns are stated.

Find out more by clicking the link to the Glasgow Herald article below:

Courtesy of Glasgow Herald