Please note that we have been informed by Scottish Water of necessary major works that will commence on 3rd July 2023 at or near “The Piles” on the River Leven.
As such there will be restrictions on use for all persons on the multi-use path at the Vale of Leven Cricket Ground area and contractors will put detour signs etc in place for pedestrians/cyclists to follow.
The works unfortunately means temporary pipework will be installed on pontoons traversing the width of the river and will restrict angling activity at the “Piles” pool of the river, although there is no in water work being carried out, anchors and anchor lines for the pontoons may impact fishing activities and as such we ask that all anglers consider this engineering infrastructure when fishing in that area. Works at this moment we are informed will last for one month.
This work is essential engineering work on the main Vale of Leven sewage system and needs to be carried out. We would ask that all members and anglers comply with any instructional signage and any instructions from the construction crews.