I’m just reaching out to invite L.L.A.I.A. members to an event that might be of interest –

On 7th September at 7pm, Malachy Tallack will be at Balloch Library to discuss his new book Illuminated by Water, a book that explores his personal infatuation with fishing and why angling means so much to so many.

Growing up in Shetland with its myriad lochs and burns, Malachy Tallack and his brother would roam the island in search of trout, and in so doing discovered a sense of freedom, of wonder – and an abiding passion. But why is it that fishing – or the mere contemplation of catching a fish – can be so thrilling and so captivating?

Illuminated by Water is a book about fishing – it explains the allure of fishing to both the initiated and the uninitiated. What effects does fishing have on the mind and memory? What are its joys and frustrations? How does it connect you in a deeper way to the natural world?

It will illuminate the lure of the river and its siren call. So whether you have already experienced the joy of fishing or not Malachy will give you a new perspective on this passion and you too may want to explore it for yourself.

This is the latest book by Malachy Tallack whose previous books have received both critical and popular acclaim. They are Sixty Degrees North, The Valley at the Centre of the World and The Un-Discovered Islands. As well as being an author Malachy is also a singer-songwriter. He is from Shetland, and currently lives in Fife.

Attendance is free but it is required that you reserve/book tickets by using the link below: