Reminder to all anglers of the legal requirement to submit a catch return for the 2023 Season by the end of November 2023.

NO Catch Return = NO £25 Voucher = Extra £25 to renew Annual River Leven permit

Using the details below we would request that all anglers take advantage of submitting their return online before the end of November. Online submission is the simplest and best way to submit your Catch Return for both anglers and for the Association. If for some reason this cannot be done then please complete and return your catch return form via collection box at VOLDAC or at O’Briens Newsagent. 

Completion & submission of 2023 Catch Return Forms

In order to maintain an accurate categorisation of our system then we would remind all anglers of the requirement for each to provide an accurate and timely completed catch return for the 2023 Season. We would encourage all anglers and members to take advantage of submitting their catch return online which is by far the easiest and quickest method to do this.

  • Everyone is required to complete a catch return form regardless of numbers or nil fish caught
  • Please ensure that you complete your catch return online where at all possible (using the link on the website:
  • You can complete and submit your catch return online at any time or post or drop at collection box at VOLDAC or O’Briens
  • All catch returns must be submitted by the end of November 2023 at the latest

Alternatively, if you cannot for some reason complete and submit your return online then please either mail back your catch return form that you receive in the post or  you can drop your completed catch return form in collection box at VOLDAC or O’Briens.  Failure to provide an accurate and timely catch return will undoubtedly impact the classification and gradings for our system going forwards with 100% C&R not being an unlikely result.

Reminder: Given the number of missing catch return forms in recent years, together with the significant effort and postage expense in sending out repeated reminders to specific members and anglers, then for Season 2024 an incentive for anglers to submit an accurate timely catch return was proposed and agreed at the 2023 AGM.

For associate members wishing to renew their River Leven Season permit for 2024 then:

  • There will be a £25 Catch Return Retainer fee initially added to the cost of the annual permit renewal.
  • This £25 charge will be waived for anglers renewing their annual permit provided that a competed, accurate catch return has been received in advance.
  • All annual permit holders who submit an accurate, timely Catch Return for 2023 will receive a unique credit voucher for £25 which they should produce when renewing their annual permit at a retailer.
  • By presenting this voucher then anglers renewing their annual permit will receive a £25 discount towards their annual permit renewal cost.
  • Anglers who do not return an accurate, timely Catch Return will not receive this £25 voucher and therefore will not be entitled to the discounted cost of their permit renewal fee. 

In short: NO Catch Return = NO £25 Voucher = Extra £25 to renew annual River Leven permit

The intent here is ensure that all anglers provide a completed catch return and also that we reduce the effort and significant expense previously incurred in chasing missing catch returns by certain anglers.