As anglers we are passionate not merely about fishing but beyond this we generally care deeply about appreciating and conserving our precious environment and wild fish.

Your association and it’s small committee of volunteers share these very same values and are always looking for ways to improve, better manage and protect our system for

and on behalf of our anglers and members, both now and for the future.

As a committee we have no shortage of ambitions, ideas or plans in terms of existing and potential improvement and conservation projects.

However what we often lack is ‘capacity’ or resource in terms of people to assist and support the management and delivery of ideas, improvements and small projects.

I note that we have over 350 full members and hundreds of associate (annual season ticket) members within the LLAIA. There must be a huge range of skills and experience

across many professions and trades within our existing membership that undoubtedly could add value to the association and it’s efforts relating to conservation and improvement our system.


Can you spare a few hours each month to support your association in it’s efforts to manage and improve the beautiful Lomond System ?


If you want to help make a difference and can spare a little time please contact us to have an informal chat on 0141 353 5004 or via email at

We look forward to hearing from you.


Many thanks,

Colin Liddell

Chairman LLAIA