We are very pleased to announce that a new lease on the Craigbell Pool has been negotiated and LLAIA members will once again be able to access it three days a week. There will be no booking system and members will be required to observe the following code of conduct.

1. Fishing will be available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.

2. Only two anglers may fish the pool at any time.

3. Fishing is by fly only and all rules applicable to LLAIA fishings on the River Endrick shall apply.

4. When anglers are waiting to fish the pool, those already fishing must steadily progress through, leave the water and return to the head of the pool to wait in turn.

5. Unless fish are damaged they should be returned at all times.

6. No alterations shall be made to the weir or the river bed.

7. When in doubt as to the identity of persons fishing the pool, members should seek to confirm their status and if in any doubt contact the Association bailiffs.

As many of us know, the Craigbell Pool can hold a fair head of fish resting after their passage through the Potts. If conditions are right and the fish in the mood it can be day out to remember.


LLAIA Committee.