Membership Fees Now Overdue.

In terms of the Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association Constitution and Rules.

‘Any Member who has failed to pay his Annual subscription by the 1st day in March in any year shall be held in arrear, and any member still in arrear by the 1st day in June in any year shall, in option of the Committee, cease to be a member but shall, notwithstanding, be liable for all arrears. Members subscriptions for any season must be paid before they fish.’

Basically, this means that any member still intending to renew his/her full membership must do so before 1st of June or they will require to re-join and be liable for payment of a joining fee of £25. This will also disrupt the claim for ten years consecutive membership towards OAP discount.

Please forward any renewal subscriptions to our Treasurer without delay.

Full details and online forms on our homepage at LLAIA Membership

LLAIA Committee.