As members will be aware the Lomond system was provisionally graded a category 3 water for season 2017.  Your committee has strongly challenged this and is currently awaiting the result of our appeal.  We believe this decision will be made sometime in the next few weeks and there is no doubt that this is the biggest challenge currently facing the Association.

In addition your committee have also entered into negotiation around future fishery management arrangements as instructed by members at our AGM in February.  To date nothing has been agreed but we can confirm that discussions have centred on retaining maximum independence for the Lomond system within a federated FMO structure. Please note that as stated at the AGM your committee will never enter into an FMO agreement without first obtaining the permission of our members.  Anyone saying otherwise is both wrong and / or attempting to mislead.

Once we can confirm what category the Lomond system will be in 2017 a full update will be provided to members which will cover not just the decision on categorisation but will also include information on internal and external matters.  It is hoped that this update will be distributed by the end of the month, however, we are reliant ultimately on the decision making of other organisations and will not make official comment on any ongoing issues until we have confirmation of our future categorisation.

Please bare with us at this time as a decision is expected in the near future.

The committee