Catch Returns

We are sure that all our members, and associate members must be well aware by now of the importance of catch returns. For the past two years the Scottish Government determined the Conservation Category Status purely on these returns. How Marine Scotland can accurately assess the health of a system purely by catch returns is beyond comprehension. There have been indications that additional information such as juvenile density surveys will be used in future…..along with catch returns!

So the more fish that are caught on a river, the healthier it is deemed to be. We know that there is no shortage of salmon on the Lomond System, but we need our anglers to assist in proving this by submitting their returns timeously. The LLAIA is required by law to file a return with Marine Scotland by 31 December each year. Basically after the season ends we have two months to complete this task.

This subject was discussed openly at the AGM and the committee agreed that it would be one of the main topics to be addressed. We have had much discussion on how the objectives can best be met and decided that to take punitive measures against defaulters in the first instance, is counter productive. While we don’t want to penalise our anglers it may at some future time become necessary. We hope not. In the meantime we have looked at ways to collect day/weekly ticket returns. As a result two collection ‘letter boxes’ have been sited on the River  Leven.  No. 1 on the riverside opposite the Vale of Leven District Angling Club and No. 2 within O’Briens shop adjacent to Bonhill Bridge. Collected returns will be drawn for a Leven season ticket for next year. Similar draws will be made for full and associate members. These boxes could also be used by Leven ticket holders to submit at he end of season

A tighter administration process to identify and ‘remind’ those who are late in submission is being devised. The online catch return system has proved to be popular but had its flaws. Members were unsure if their return had been made as there was no electronic receipt. An upgrade of this system is ‘work in progress’  Hopefully these improvements will help to ensure that we are returning the maximum fish caught on the system….but it’s up to our anglers.  We will continue to send out the paper return forms along with the autumn ‘Lennox Angler’. We certainly don’t want to go back down the road of Cat 3 again…..

Assessment of Categorisation for Season 2018

In a recent communication Marine Scotland state that they intend to refine the methodology behind the conservation status and to this end are working with the Technical Working Groups which are taking forward exploitation rates, grilse error, electrofishing data, fish counters and radio/accoustic telemetry.

They went on to remind us of the importance of reliable catch data…..

MS state that they are working to complete the assessment of conservation status and aim to consult with stakeholders on the provisional categories during the month of July. Since they have not announced what other data will be taken into account it would be fair to assume that Season 2018 Conseration Category Status will once again be determined by catch returns…….  For further details open the attached link.

Marine Scotland Update

River Leven Clean Up Weekend

A clean up of the River Leven is likely to take place during early or mid June. This will of course be water level and weather dependent but if the current lack of rain continues there should be no problems. All members, associate members, ticket holders……everyone in fact…. is invited to take part in this event. Every year rubbish and debris of all descriptions is removed from the Leven, making it a more pleasant place for the public and anglers. An announcement will be made very shortly to confirm date and arrangements.


The committee is mindful that although many anglers prefer the solitude of a few hours peaceful fishing there are some who enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie of a competition. We are now in the planning phase of a fly fishing competition to be held on Loch Lomond which will interest many followers of the gentle art. This will take place in September and the registration process will be announced in due course.

Last year our coarse rep organised a perch fishing competition on the Loch which proved to be very successful. This event will be held again this year.

Loch Lomond has always attracted pike anglers. More recently it has become a mecca for anglers who enjoy fly fishing for pike, so it has been decided to organise a competition. This year specimens of Esox Lucius in the 30 – 40 lbs class were landed by anglers using conventional tackle…so the thought of hooking into one on a fly rod must be a real draw for pike fishers.

Details of both of these events will be published on the website when finalised.

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