When we want rain we don’t get it and when we don’t (very seldom) it doesn’t stop. Not a bad thing as far as fishing is concerned but how do we reach a happy medium?……never!

The Loch level is again too high for Scottish Water to close the barrage gates allowing a clean up of the riverbed and more rain forecast. Once again the elements win so it has been decided to postpone the Leven Clean Up, already rescheduled for this weekend. Disappointing and frustrating but somethings are beyond control. We hope that by mid September the taps will be turned off and further dates will be posted shortly…. if we can find an oracle to consult…..or somebody can pull the Loch’s plug out…

As an alternative, it’s suggested that we have a look at the Endrick and expend some energy there. Might not suit everyone but you’ll be more than welcome to join us on Saturday (26th) 10am at Ballochruin Bridge…otherwise enjoy your fishing.


LLAIA Committee