Today Marine Scotland announced next year’s Conservation Categories for all river systems in Scotland. The Leven/Lomond System once again receives a Cat 3 status. A 28 day consultation process now begins for objections to be made.

Marine Scotland have changed the methodology by which the Conservation Status is determined, in particular how ‘wetted areas’  are calculated. This is a national model and not specific to each system and must be challenged.

Reading through the document it cites the reason for Cat 3 as due to the River Endrick’s Special Area of Conservation (SAC) status. This was the same reason given for grading our system Cat 3 last year. However, we were downgraded to Cat 2 on appeal. We are not the only system affected. This year 73 rivers in Scotland were Cat 3. Next year Marine Scotland propose 123.

Another difficult time for the Association and the committee will do all it possibly can to have this assessment overturned.

The Scottish Government invites representations for objections to the proposed grading for the Season 2018. Last year MS only received four objections to the proposed Cat 3 status on the Lomond/Leven system. We hope that this time all our anglers will support the Association and strongly object to this proposed status. The committee are already working on our response and anyone who has constructive advice to offer is asked to contact the chairman at
The document can be accessed by the following link.

Objections should be submitted by Friday 13 October 2017

Keith Main/Tom Hogg
Marine Scotland Salmon and Recreational Fisheries Team
Area 1B North
Victoria Quay
LLAIA Committee