River  Leven

The barrage opened on Tuesday morning allowing excellent conditions on the river and fish waiting in the Estuary saw their chance….. According to the bailiffs the Leven was suddenly ‘bouncing’ with salmon and grilse. From rumour and speculation it’s reckoned that within the space of a few hours around fifteeen fish were landed or lost. Without reports from anglers we are unable to confirm catches, but there seems to be little doubt that good numbers of fresh grilse and summer salmon have come into the system….not before time.

9 August: Leven regular Ross Linden landed this fresh grilse (5lb) at the Old Lade and since then has had plenty offers,  unfortunately all turning away at the last second.

Other reports: 7 August, Alan Brown (10lbs) Double Pipes on a toby lure.

Loch Lomond

Reports from the Loch are fairly sketchy. Once again we can only report what anglers are telling us. It’s believed that Ian Steele recently landed a fresh (10lbs) salmon at the Ross Isles and last weekend Dave King snr had two grilse (7lbs) each up the top end. Andy Buchanan and Colin Lewis were out mid week and report dropping grilse at Rowchoish and Culness.

Recklessly Driven Power Craft

Last weekend one of our members was enjoying a peaceful afternoon fly fishing off the north shore of Inchlonaig until he was repeatedly ‘buzzed’ by a jet bike being ridden in a reckless manner between himself and the shore. Given that this is a particularly rocky area the rider was putting himself in great danger of striking sub surface boulders.

Unfortunately this type of behaviour isn’t uncommon on the Loch.

The Park Authority have been contacted and the incident is now being investigated. However on this occasion the jet bike didn’t appear to be displaying a registration number. The NPA byelaws state:

3.5(1)(a) knowingly navigate or otherwise use or permit any Vessel to be navigated or otherwise used in a manner which causes a Nuisance or danger to any other Vessel or any other person using the Loch;
 3.5(1)(c) negligently navigate or otherwise use or permit any Vessel to be navigated or otherwise used in a manner which causes a Nuisance or danger to any other Vessel or any other person using the Loch. Or
 3.5 (3) Navigating Without Due Care and Attention – all Vessels No Master of any Vessel shall navigate or permit the Vessel to be navigated without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other Vessels or persons using the Loch.
If any member is subjected tof similar behaviour it is imperative that the Park Authority is contacted without delay in order that a patrol boat can be actioned to the area. Any photographs or video footage would be useful in preparing a prosecution but bear in mind that the driver/rider will need to be identified in court.
The NPA can be contacted at Duncan Mills slipway on 01389 722600. Any further follow up communications can be emailed to http://www.lochlomond-trossachs.org/ We recommend saving the contact number on your mobile.
River Endrick
With grilse in the system it shouldn’t be too long until catches are reported from the Endrick. There have already been a few  short spates but we really need a more prolonged spell of rainfall.
Last Sunday the advertised Endrick Clean Up went ahead. Disappointingly only three volunteers turned out to assist the bailiffs and committee members. However the workforce did a splendid job, opening up the paths upstream of Ballochruin Bridge to the Black Linn and downstream to Drumtian. There are still a couple of fallen trees at Drumtian to be attended to and other areas of banking needing strimmed. If anyone can spare some time to help out in the near future please contact our secretary at: secretary@lochlom9ndangling.com
Contact Reports at: reports@lochlomondangling.com