This is a reminder to both members and permit holders. Please note that driving a motor vehicle on the River Leven towpath is strictly prohibited. This towpath is not a public road hence the Transport Highway code signs placed at the correct access places on the towpath indicate that only authorised vehicles can access the path. Authorised vehicles include local authority vehicle’s and those of their contractors, utility service companies, the emergency services and our own warranted water bailiffs. Even those that are authorised are required take extreme care on the towpath given as it’s a multi use path with pedestrians and cyclists all sharing the use of the path.

West Dunbartonshire Council and their department responsible for the towpath on the left hand bank of the Leven have been receiving  increased calls about motor vehicles driving on the towpath during the autumn months and that those responsible were all anglers.

The association is therefore reminding all members and permit holders that they should not drive on the towpath as they are breaking road traffic law and if seen and stopped by the Police will receive the appropriate sanctions. It may also be the case that their vehicle insurer would not provide cover if they had an accident on the towpath resulting in damage or injury personally or damage or injury to others as technically they were no longer on a public road. Whilst it is acknowledged that not every car, motorbike on the towpath may be driven by an angler the association does not endorse in any shape or form anybody that does so.

There is adequate access and vehicle parking within the along the length of river so there is no requirement for driving on the towpath.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation