We wish to remind all members and anglers fishing on the Loch Lomond catchment which includes the River Leven that under the Scottish Government conservation of Salmon Regulations we are designated a CAT 2 system which means we must have a conservation plan in place for limiting the harvesting of Salmon. As such and as detailed on all permits and memberships, no person must retain a wild salmon after the 30th September and our rules also indicate no retaining of Sea Trout after the 30th September as well. In other words the whole month of October until last day of the season on 31st October is C&R there are no excuses and no fish must be retained.  Any members/anglers found to contravene this rule will be appropriately dealt with if found with a wild fish. All carcass tags become void after the 30th September.

Regarding farmed salmon, they are an alien species and as such ONLY Salmon that can be clearly identified is from a farm origin must be humanely dispatched and not returned alive to the water, the capture as previously indicated must be reported to ourselves or the LLFT with ideally a photo and scale samples taken.

As much as the L.L.A.I.A wish as many farmed fish to be caught and dispatched every single angler must be in no doubt that the fish is indeed of a farm origin ( Again please see previous guidance on how to identify these fish), Wild Salmon are protected by legislation and any angler that is found during the month of October having retained a wild fish will be dealt with appropriately. We must protect our wild fish at all costs. We urge all anglers to make sure they can identify the differences between wild and farmed fish and only if in real doubt to its identity the fish should be released alive back to the water.

Information and assistance how to identify a farmed salmon and details of what actions are required by all anglers who catch a farmed fish can be found in this link. https://www.lochlomondangling.com/news/2020/09/28/lomond-system-news-byte-reminder-how-to-identify-a-farmed-fish-and-what-to-do-if-i-catch-one/

Our water bailiff presence will continue and system will continue to be be monitored.

Thank you for your cooperation and compliance.