Finally after a long close season the Opening Day for the new 2021 season on our system is almost here. Opening Day for the 2021 Season is Thursday 11th February. This is the time that so many anglers have been eagerly looking forward to since the end of last season and the long winter. We wish all anglers every success and luck for a productive, enjoyable and safe 2021 season

Please note the following. 

It is the responsibility of all anglers to ensure that they follow all existing guidelines concerning Covid-19 issued by the Scottish Government including any travel restriction that apply. 

Fishing is by fly or artificial lure only, there is absolutely no bait fishing or use of imitation worms until 1st May. No salmon or sea trout shall be retained until the 1st May as catch and release is mandatory until 1st May. In line with best practice all fish should be treated carefully before being returned,  anglers that catch a kelt should unhook it considerately and quickly without removing the fish from the water.

Season 2021

The season for salmon and sea trout opens on the Lomond System on Thursday 11th February 2021. Leven Season and day/weekly tickets are available from our retailers which are listed on our website.

Note: At this time due to COVID-19 restrictions on opening of non-essential shops, the vast majority of our retailers are closed so please check direct with your local retailer to see if its open, but we know that O’Brien’s at Bonhill Bridge and Lomond Stores in Balloch are still operating as normal due to their business type.

Full membership can be obtained through the LLAIA  by downloading our membership application which also contains bank details to allow online bank payment of fee in addition to the option to pay via Paypal. All details can be found on our website.

This year the system has been designated as Conservation Category 2 which means that salmon can be harvested subject to  the local conservation plan. During the season members and ticket holders will be able to take a maximum of three salmon and a tagging system will again be in operation. In law, throughout Scotland no salmon can be killed until 1st April,  however this has been extended on our system until 1st May with no more than one fish to be taken by an angler on any one day. A ‘no kill after 30 September.’ policy on the system has been in existence for a number of years and this continues.

River Leven

The first spring salmon usually appear on the Leven in mid March and will likely to be caught on a variety lures and the fly, depending of course on water conditions. Worming is permitted after 1st May, but during the month of May only circle hooks are to be used.

Graham Dunt Stewart 15.2lb salmon on “Monkey Variant” fly

These early fish will be in the 15lb -20lb class and anywhere upstream of the ‘fly only’ Bonhill Bridge Pool will produce. Easter is always a popular weekend on the system and no matter whether it’s early or late there’s always springers around.

Updates on conditions on the River Leven are provided daily by local angler Jack Ferguson. See River Leven on our home page.

Note: At this time the SEPA website does not show any working level gauges due to the cyber attack on the SEPA website just before Christmas, so Jacks update info is very valuable at this time for those that are not local. We are also aware the level market at Bonhill Bridge was washed away in the winter floods and it will be replaced when water conditions allow, if any angler actually finds the old marker board, would they let us know so we can try and reuse.

Loch Lomond

The Loch comes into it’s own from the beginning of May onward. Spring fish have run the Leven into the sanctuary of the Loch and many head for the east side of the Loch, Claddich, Boturich and Endrick Bank or the island shores.

Robert Mair (12lb) on 5th June 2020

Michael King 10lb June 2020










May and June are usually great months for anglers on the troll in these areas with some big sea trout also caught on the fly and lure during the early part of the season particularly around the islands.

David Henderson 4th July 16-7lb est.

Rivers Endrick and Fruin

The Endrick is a spate river and can provide excellent sport in the right conditions from July till the end of season. Fresh sea trout appear earlier and you can just never tell when  salmon will enter the river. You might get an early surprise! The Fruin is a smaller spate river which fishes well at the ‘back end’.

Max Calesso 5.5lb Grilse

Both of these ‘fly only’ rivers are reserved for full members though a limited number of day rods are available through FishPal


The Estuary fishes well right from the beginning of the season. Lures, mackerel strip and the fly all take sea trout from 1lb – 10lb throughout the season. Cardross, Ardmore and Levengrove are probably the most popular areas. An hour before and after the turning tide the favoured time.

Web Updates

While we try to provide as much information as possible about what’s happening throughout the season we depend very much on reports from members and ticket holders. If you have a red letter day on the Lomond system or just want to share a good day on the water then please share it with us here.  Your photos and reports,  stories, tips or anecdotes are always very welcome.

Wishing you tight lines and every success in  2021!