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  1. Loch Lomond Fly Fishing Competition 2021
  2. River Leven barrage design and operation explained


1. Loch Lomond Fly Fishing Competition 2o21

Saturday 11th September 2021

General information

A date for your diary, this year’s event is scheduled to be held on Loch Lomond on the date noted above and subject to any requirements and restrictions concerning COVID-19 at that time.

Angling will be from boats only and by fly only, including dapping.

The competition will be open to full members of the LLAIA their guests and the general public. Not to be missed and following the popularity and success of previous events you are encouraged to put this date in your diary for what has proven to be a great day of both angling, prizes to be won and the chance to meet and socialise with fellow anglers.


Registration can be at Balmaha boatyard and at Vale of Leven District Angling Club between the hours of 08:00 and 09:00.

Once registered, anglers are free to begin fishing.


  • Entry fee of £5 per angler will apply.
  • Angling will be by fly only including dapping artificial flies.
  • No trolling gear allowed in any boat taking part.
  • All participants must have a valid permit for the day of the competition.
  • All fish caught to be returned alive to the water. A tape measure will be supplied to each boat at registration and anglers should use this to measure the length and girth of any fish caught which will be used to estimate the weight. All fish must be photographed with the tape for the purpose of adjudication.
  • Salmon, trout and sea trout will all count.
  • Anglers must return for the presentation of prizes by 16:00 to the sandy spit at the North East end of Inchmurrin to declare their catches. Any angler returning after 16:00 will be disqualified.

If covid restrictions allow there will be a BBQ for all competitors at the presentation of prizes. All participants are encouraged to attend whether you caught anything or not.


There will be prizes presented for each of the following:

Best overall bag

Best fish of the day – Salmon or Sea Trout

Second best fish of the day – Salmon or Sea Trout

This will be the fifth such event.

There will be a weather watch at midday on Thursday 9th September. Further information, updates and any change of arrangements will be posted on the LLAIA website and Facebook page.


2. River Leven barrage design and operation explained

River Leven  Barrage Operation.

In 2016 the LLAIA committee met with Scottish Water and Scottish Natural Heritage to agree a new water level management plan. Where any confusion or doubt among our anglers should exist as to what the river Leven level should be and when then the River Leven Barrage Control rules below should make matters clear.


IF Loch below 23ft 

Uncontrolled flow.


IF Loch between 23ft and 24ft 

Plate 4 with Plate 2 freshets.

3 – 1st April to 1st June

IF loch between 24ft and  26ft 

Plate 2 with no weekend freshet

4 – 1st Jun to 16th August (as requested by LLAIA)

IF loch between 24ft and 26ft

Plate 4 with Plate 2 weekend freshets.

5 – Between 16th August and 1st of 1st April

IF loch above 25ft

Uncontrolled Flow

IF loch between 24ft and 25ft

Plate 2, no weekend freshet.

6 – Between 1st April and 16th August

IF loch above 26ft

Uncontrolled flow

Hopefully the above information concerning the agreed operating limits for the barrage is helpful in understanding the water levels that can be expected throughout the season based of course upon the prevailing Loch Lomond water level at that time.