Sunday 8th August saw the resumption of Voluntary Work Parties on the River Endrick supported by committed members and anglers. We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to the many enthusiastic members and anglers who turned out on Sunday to freely and willingly give their time and energy to improve bank and fishing conditions on part of the River Endrick.

Meeting at 09:00am the Team met at Ballochruin Bridge in order tackle and improve conditions from the bridge downstream through Drumtian. The main goals included strimming down bank pathways and entry / exit point plus the ‘sensitive’ trimming of overhanging branches and shrubs. The Association once more provided strimming and pruning equipment and cold refreshments  together with welcome additional resource from one of our Bailiff team.

The Team of eleven volunteers plus Sam one of our Bailiff’ Team gradually worked their way downstream clearing bank pathways, entry exits points and carefully trimming overhanging branches and shrubs. Other improvements included selective removal of debris and tree boughs.

All in all the Team achieved a fantastic result with the improvements visible to all concerning the area tackled. Well done guys and your  work will be much appreciated by all anglers I am sure.  In addition to the physical improvements delivered it was highlighted once more that these work parties provide an excellent way to meet other anglers and share knowledge and tips about fishing the river and its pools.

On behalf of the Association and all members and anglers we would like to once more sincerely thank the following people for freely and willingly giving up their Sunday in order to help maintain and improve our system for everyone.

Colin Smith, Chic McLean, Angus Soutar, Lee and Lorenzo Taylor, Michael King, Chris Turner, James and Anne Scanlon, Pat Webster, Colin Liddell and Sam McBrearty (LLAIA Bailiff). 

The next River Endrick Voluntary Work Party will be scheduled shortly with the scope likely to focus upon Coolies to Netherton or Hunters stretch to Cowdenmill. Notice and details to follow.

Thank you to all once again.