2022 AGM statement from Simon Miller CEO of Luss Estates Company and Lord Graham of Montrose Estates

Both Montrose and Luss Estates have been supporters of the Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association and the Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust for many years, indeed since the inception.

We have two key beliefs which drive decision-making in this area; firstly we wholeheartedly support and wish to perpetuate the fishing of the Loch Lomond system by you the local fishing community – we do not want this to become an elite sport.  Secondly, we wish to protect and enhance the sustainability and vitality of the fish population in the system.

I take this opportunity on behalf of both Luss and Montrose Estates to thank Jim Raeburn for his years of dedication and service to the Association.  His was not an easy role, but I can safely say that Jim’s work has secured the future of the Association, and the commitment of both Luss and Montrose Estates to work with the Association in helping build a better future.

It was as a result of Jim Raeburns and Gareth Bourhills approach to us a few years ago that we retook our positions on the Association Committee.  At the time we were greatly concerned by the fact that the two organisations responsible for the science and management of the fishery were not working in partnership with each other to the benefit of the health of the system, and also because of the threat of government intervention.  Since re-joining the Association we have been hugely impressed by the patience, professionalism and dedication of your Committee.  We are honoured to be part of the Committee and to be working closely with them.  We can tell you that your Association is in the very best of hands.

It is worth noting that our obligation as landowners requires us to take whatever decisions are necessary to protect and enhance the natural environment and that includes the Loch Lomond catchment as a whole.

Over the last two years we have been very impressed with the detailed, evidence based, scientific work your Committee commissioned, that has been subsequently carried out by Glasgow University and the Scottish Centre for Ecology and the Natural Environment.  In our view this is a ground breaking and innovative piece of work that will layout very clearly the state of the system and the required work to promote a healthy fish population.  We see that there are very good prospects for significant improvement work to be undertaken that can only but help.

I regret to say that the threat of a Fisheries Board still hangs over Loch Lomond. I know we are repeating ourselves when we say that the only way to stop this is to have a functioning and professional Committee and Association working closely with the Fisheries Trust.  If the Government were to intervene and impose a District Salmon Fisheries Board you, the fishing community, will almost completely lose your voice and your fishing will cost more. It goes without saying that this is to no one’s benefit.

It is vital, and we emphasise this, that you, the members of the Association, positively support your Committee.  It is they who are best placed to help protect you from that possible future.  We strongly urge you to support your Committee in all their work.

Luss and Montrose Estates wholeheartedly support your Committee and the Fisheries Trust, and we look forward to working with the Committee for many years to come in helping protect and enhance the system and the Association.

Finally I wish you all a successful season.

Thank you

Simon Miller
Chief Executive Officer

Luss Estates Company