New Fishings Leased.

The committee are delighted to announce that from the 8th of October we have secured the lease for the Claylands beat on the middle Endrick.  In the past this was a very popular stretch of river and is once again available for members to fish.

This beat is located on the south bank of the Endrick and starts at the Cowdenmill dam pool and runs for about 2 miles downstream finishing just below Balfron where it meets with Alan Cuthbert’s stretch which is also now leased by the Association.  The beat consists of several good pools and various runs and will be a welcome addition to our current fishings.

Currently access to this beat is via the two foot bridges located at either end of the beat or by wading from our Cowdenmill fishings on the north bank or walking up from Balfron bridge.  Members should note that the lower footbridge bridge while crossable with care is in need of repair and members use both bridges at their own risk.  There is strictly no access to the south bank via the track down to the cottage at Cowdenmill nor is there parking at Claylands farm.  Members should also restrict themselves strictly to the river bank at and around Cowdenmill cottage and not approach the horse paddock or enter the back garden of the cottage.  Any infringements of these rules will be dealt with by the committee.

With the lease of Claylands the Association now owns or leases almost the entire fish-able stretch from Cowdenmill Dam pool to the bottom of Drumtain on the middle Endrick, with the exception of a small stretch of water on the north bank above and below Balfron road bridge.


LLAIA Committee.